What is a PUA?

Posted on May 11, 2014

Making the decision to approach a woman that a man is interested in, either at the office or at a social event, is a challenge that many men face on a regular basis. They often have a hard time finding a balance between making a good impression and not looking creepy. It is for this reason that some men, both young and old, seek the services of a PUA to help improve their skills.

PUAPUA, which stands for “pick up artist”, is used to refer to a man that trains other men on the best way to find, attract and seduce women that they desire. The term is common among men that are actively involved in the dating game, and who have a goal of getting into a relationship, or, just have fun with different types of women.

The culture has existed for a number of years and was first set up as an online community where men would share dating tips. The majority of the tips revolved around the various ways in which they could attract women and have intimate relations with them.

Over time, the number of PUAs has gradually increased, with some of those involved offering these services and a more customized approach to dating, and their clients. This modern approach is less about the routines or tactics, but more about focusing on improving a man’s overall dating performance and their lifestyle.

There are a number of principles that are taught to men to help them have a less adversarial interaction with women. Some of the important ones include honesty when talking with women, becoming comfortable within oneself, find value in the woman and also not being embarrassed about wanting to be intimate. In this online age, these principles are shared via videos or other appropriately designed products that can be used by men everywhere.

dating coaching

The services of a PUA can be effectively used by men that have been in the dating game for a while, as new entrants that are trying to figure out their way around.

Even though the popularity of the service has continued to grow, it has not been without criticism from a number of relationship experts. Some experts argue that the skills taught to men by PUAs encourage them to approach and ‘conquer’ women without investing in building relationships with them. They believe that most young men that take advice from PUAs are likely to focus on the number of women that they can be intimate with, rather than developing their dating skills. As an alternative, the experts recommend engaging with a dating coach if they want to learn how to speak with women. Dating coaching may seem conventional to some but it has proven to be effective for both men and women that are seeking to develop better relationships with the opposite sex.

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